Why Spring Swimming is Vital for a Safe Summer

19 Sep 2023
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Spring is already here and with summer just around the corner, it is vital to consider how you can support your child to be water-safe and ready to enjoy swimming and aquatic activities ahead of the warmer season. 

With the warmer weather comes countless opportunities and experiences to enjoy aquatic leisure activities, and the subsequent increased risk of drownings and aquatic accidents.  

Last summer alone, from December 2022 to February 2023, Royal Life Saving Australia reported 90 fatal drownings, with 10 drownings in ages between 0-17 years. Swimming and water safety skills play a crucial role in drowning prevention and have the potential to save a life.  

Learning to swim is an essential life skill, a rite of passage for all Australians. Whilst some students may not recognise the complete value in learning to swim at a young age, swimming is bound to be a key skill required throughout a range of life activities, and having the competence to swim safely throughout adolescence and adulthood proves to be a true privilege. Spring is the perfect time to reassess yours or your child’s swimming ability and confidence in the water, before the summer rush. 

The GOswim swimming and water safety program is more than just swimming lessons. Not only will this intuitive program set students on a path of safe enjoyment of swimming for life, but it also supports a range of additional benefits and experiences including: 

  • Water safety skills – awareness and knowledge of potential water safety hazards, how to navigate around these and practice of rescue strategies. 
  • Friendship and communication – great opportunity to form new friendships with peer students and practice good communication and social confidence skills. 
  • Learning and development – an engaging approach to education and problem-solving skills that can be applied to many life experiences and settings. 
  • Physical activity that's FUN – exciting physical activity to encourage a consistent and healthy lifestyle, supporting strong physical development and growth. 
  • Weekly routine – something to commit to and look forward to each week. 
  • Goal achievement – continuous support to set and achieve personal goals and progress throughout the seasons. 
  • Imaginative play – activity-based learning experiences with imaginative excitement offers students great entertainment and enjoyment. 

And most of all, it's your ticket to a summer of safe, enjoyable swimming adventures! 

Join us in making learning to swim the priority it needs to be this spring, to keep our children safe in and around water. Learn more about the GOswim program or enquire to enrol today at www.goswimaustralia.com.au

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